A little about ME

I have always been overweight, well at least as long as I can remember. My mom always said you were never overweight until you could get into the fridge by yourself. Well sorry as sugar and carb hungry child I did not know the repercussions of binging on my favorite snacks. My weight gain was a slow and steady slope upward my entire life. I would say that I was just chubby throughout elementary and junior high school and into my early years of high school. Pretty much when P.E was not a requirement anymore is when I really started to go south. I was not a mover and never had been. I hated sports and being active, I preferred staying inside and reading books or watching animal planet and discovery channel for a solid 8 hours straight. I loved learning new things and was very intellectual for my age in all grades. I was all about my homework and school and could not be bothered with sports or social activities. To me that is just who I was and at the time it wasn’t something that was changeable to me.

When it comes to blame, I blame no one. I do not even blame myself, that does not mean that I don’t have regrets. Yes I regret that I didn’t want to better myself sooner, however I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and that timing is everything. For me 2016 was my time to change and that is why I am doing it. Major weight loss is a very new and uncomfortable process so I thought that I should share it. It is hard finding answers to questions that many of your peers around you cannot answer. I plan on going over everything in this blog in hopes that I can help others while I help myself.

I started this process on Jan 1st with a single thought as my friend and myself sat on her couch hung over after a new years party eating entire medium pizzas to ourselves. I thought, you know what? I am tired of this body and the restrictions it gives me. I want to be healthy , attractive, active, and strong. It was then I decided I would change. Weighing in at a whopping 268 I began to change myself. Today 8 months later and 70 pounds down I feel great. I am the thinnest I have ever been and wearing pants smaller than I did in Jr. high. The first set of pictures on the left are some that I would never have posted, but they were taken in Dec. 2015 . The second set is myself at 70 lbs down taken Aug. 2016 feeling much happier and much more confident with my body.


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