Dining Out

Going out to eat, something everyone does all the time can be daunting to dieters. Most people go for a salad thinking it is safe when in reality you might as well have a cheeseburger. Anything with they words crispy or creamy need to be steered clear of. I always go for salads that say grilled, broiled, and vinaigrette. They tend to be pretty safe most of the time, but not everyone always wants to get a salad when they go out. Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.44.27 PM.png

Don’t be afraid to deconstruct things and ask for something special. There is a local restaurant that has a killer pesto chicken sandwich but with all that bread and fries it is very hard on dietary restrictions. I order it with no bun, pesto on the side, with a green salad instead of fries. To me it is a treat, I love it and it feels like a reward without any repercussions. Sushi is always a great option for going out fresh ingredients and clean healthy choices automatically come with the cuisine without having to alter anything. When it comes to Chinese go steamed, veggies, dumplings, or soup. There are plenty of good and yummy choices other than the favorited orange chicken. On taco Tuesdays I go with a taco salad in a bowl with whole pinto or black beans. Often the restaurant will give you more in a bowl than you would get in a shell which is perfect for saving half for dinner tomorrow! Leftovers are a godsend when you get home from the gym and are too tired to cook. They save you from making unhealthy choices.

One of the most important things to remember when dining out is portion control. The majority of restaurants serve portions big enough to feed at least 2 sometimes even 3 people. When you are done eating a healthy sized portion have it boxed up so that you don’t over eat, delicious food can be much too tempting sometimes! Just remember don’t hold yourself back from going places because you feel that there won’t be anything for you there you will find something. I always try to check out the menu before I go somewhere and plan what I am going to have ahead of time. If I really cannot find anything then I will eat a little something beforehand and get a side salad or something very small. I learned that it is more important to worry about the company that you are with rather than the food that you are eating.


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