You Raise Me Up

Josh Grobin really showed his appreciation for whoever was raising him up to more than he could be. I myself don’t have the pipes to show my appreciation that way so I’ll just have to put it into a blog post. When going through such a big change of lifestyle it is very important to have stability in other areas of your life. To me the most important area is friends and family. Having friends and family that will go the extra mile to support and accommodate your needs is the most wonderful feeling. I am in my 20s and that means that myself and my friends love us some In-n-Out. Unfortunately that is not really a nutritionally sound meal, thus it brings my friends and myself to a crossroad. Do we eat In-N-Out and make our dieting friend suffer or do we hit up the salad bar at whole foods for some fresh greens and veggies and maybe a cup of soup? Luckily for me I have really awesome friends that were always down to get their veggie on. My friends would even go as far as stocking their houses with healthy snacks so that we had something to share when we were hanging out together. That is a true support system there and it really made me feel the love.

Having a major lifestyle change can be very straining on a friendship and I myself just happened to be very lucky. Not everyone will want to change their habits and ways to support and accommodate you. That doesn’t necessarily make them a bad friend, why should they be expected to change because you want to? There is definitely a happy medium to everything and often these problems can be solved with a little conversation, and the best place to have a conversation is on a walk! It’s a way to kill two birds with one stone; having alone time to talk with your friends and getting in that exercise that you need to keep pushing through. I would walk with my friends 4 or 5 times a week and we would spend 1-2 hours just talking about stuff that was going on in our lives. When you are changing so much everything is new and exciting and you want to tell those close to you. I felt like I could sometimes get annoying and repetitive, so I asked and made sly apologies for all of this ME talk. Make sure you listen to your friends too, don’t forget to support them in whatever they’re doing in their lives and thank them for being so supportive in yours.

IMG_5648 (2)

I am going to do it now. I want to thank all of my friends and family for being so supportive of me and helping me change my life. Thank you for putting up with my weird nit picky eating habits and my hanger. Thank you for listening to me complain about my sore muscles and blistered. Thank you for being happy for me every time I sent a text saying I lost another pound, even the 70th time! Just thank you for being kind, supportive, and helpful with everything that I needed you guys are the greatest and I love you all!

IMG_5649 (2)


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