The Little Things

Sometimes making big changes can seem like a daunting task. The best way to take on a challenge is starting with the little things. I was a slug of a human being. If I wasn’t  laying down watching tv I was in the kitchen making food to eat while watching tv, and I needed to change that. So, I started small. Instead of leaving my clothes on the floor I would pick them up and put them away.If I had the option of elevator or stairs, I would take the stairs. I would do squats and crunches while I watched tv. If I dirtied a dish I washed it right after. Cutting out laziness was definitely the first step I had to take to get myself into the right mindset. For me there were no shortcuts anymore I tried to be as “active” as possible, and it slowly started working.

I started to feel less and less of a struggle while I did things and it slowly became a habit to not be a sloth. Laziness is a very easy habit to get back into, even to this day I have to remind myself that I need to work a little harder and go that extra mile and make sure I don’t get back into old habits. The little things not only work for activity and exercise but they work with eating habits too. Changing little things in your diet can make quite a big difference in your outcome.Get your dressing on the side, dip the fork and not the bite. It carries the flavor and drops 3/4 of the calories.  Try drinking your coffee with half the amount of sugar or maybe try some agave. I completely skip the cream sugar and just add a little whipped it had some of both to mellow the coffee without being overabundant.


When you go somewhere to eat your first choice might not always be the healthiest choice, it is just what you’re used to. Try something new instead of the creamy ranch with croutons and cheese go for the spinach salad with the beets and goat cheese. Your palate can change quite a bit when you change your diet due to your body craving the things it needs more than what your brain wants. You may find yourself wanting to try things that you never liked before. Personally I would not eat beets for years and years, then when I was dieting I decided to try them. I found them to be completely delicious; sweet, tangy, and satisfying. Changing little things may help you learn more about yourself than you would think. I just always saw myself always living that lazy POS lifestyle because it was easy and that was the way that I was. What I came to find out is that I didn’t have to be. I changed little things in my lifestyle that helped me change little things about myself as well.


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