Give a Little Bit

Serving size…something that I never paid attention to until this past year. I think the biggest eye opener for me was when I decided to make a dish of pasta for myself. I checked out the nutrition label and one serving is 2 oz. I measured it out and made the 2 oz of pasta, I stared at the tiny pile of noodles in the center of my bowl and could not get over the amount of negative space I was seeing before me. That is the moment I realized how much I had been over eating for years and years. If I had to guess I would say that before I changed the way that I ate I was probably eating about 8 or 10 oz of pasta at a time. That is 4 or 5 times the recommended amount of pasta that a person should be eating and before that moment I had no idea nor did I really care, but that one meal really put some things into perspective for me. I now always watch my serving size and keep it to one serving or less, depending on the food that I am eating.


The easiest things to go  overboard with on the serving size are snacks and treats, my way of preventing this is pre-measuring and packaging them in bag so I know exactly how much I am eating and when it is gone I am done. NEVER EAT OUT OF AN OPEN BOX OR BAG! It is way too easy to over do it and leave yourself full of regret.

IMG_5400 (2)

When it comes to things that are even too fattening or unhealthy to have a whole serving just take a little bit or piece of it just to have a taste in hoping that it will suffice to devouring the whole thing. For me my weakness is fresh donuts, when your best friend owns a coffee shop and gets fresh donuts every day it is such a hard temptation so I settle for a bite. I have become that annoying friend that always wants a bite, however I am very lucky that my friends are okay with that and are always more than willing to share. Well at least they appear to be. If the item is not too terrible split it with someone. When you do this always take the smaller half. We are no longer greedy with food, it is better on someone else’s hips than on your own I always say.

You will always come to a time when you just really want something, and you want all of it. You don’t just want one serving, and you don’t want to share, and that is OKAY! Just last night I went to the movies with my friends and I got a diet coke…I know what a joke. I sat there behind the line waiting for them all to get their candy and popcorn and the big box of hot tamales was sitting there staring me in the face, I wanted them so bad so I thought you know what I am getting some god damn hot tamales. My plan initially was to only have a few, then it was I’ll only have half the box, the next thing I knew the box was empty and I has happier about it than I was guilty. After the movie I had a brief moment of panic while I wondered how much weight this little stunt was going to make me gain, but you know what, I woke up this morning alive and completely fine. I also woke up weighing 1 lb less than I did the day before. My lesson that I take away from that situation is that when you are good all of the time it is ok to break the rules and splurge a little. Just as long as it is a little and not all of the time.


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