Habits, easy to make and tough to break. Changing around your entire lifestyle becomes the hardest when you have to change your habits. You have to get rid of the old and make new habits. For me it takes constant repetition and reminder and eventually I fall into the flow of needing to do it. Help make yourself rely on the new healthier habits. When changing the way I lived I found that maintaining new habits of exercise and journaling were the most important habits to create for me both physically and mentally. When going through such a big change there is a lot of emotional and stressful baggage that comes along with it. My best outlet for dropping that baggage was creating a journal. I made a folder on google drive and a new entry for every month. I would write often daily and sometimes just a couple of times a week. It is where I dump my thoughts, worries, and frustrations of my daily life that I didn’t always feel like sharing with others. My journal is a place where I set goals and check back on them to see whether I accomplished them in the way that I said I would. I always feel better after a journal entry, I often do them in the morning as a way to clear my head for the rest of the day.



Writing in a journal may be a much easier ritual to work into than frequent exercise and I think that it really is just as important for you emotionally, but exercise is sort of a two birds with one stone activity. I say a minimum of 1 hour 3 days a week and a maximum of 6 days a week. Exercising is a great way to clear your head and cleanse your body. It makes me feel better about myself and takes my mind off everything other than the task I have at hand. I get so focused and in tune with what I am doing that I really don’t think about anything other than pushing myself just a little bit further, bypassing challenges that I  could not do before. You learn how things affect your body and that really helps in the long run. Last year I did not do either of these activities and this year I have come to rely on them. I need to let my thoughts out otherwise my head get clouded and I get anxious, I need to exercise and run and make my muscles work and burn so that I can feel stronger and better about myself. If there were two habits to be reliant on these two are good to have. My last little vice that I have come to acquire is my need to weigh myself everyday. I don’t necessarily think that it is a very healthy habit but I need it to help keep me on track. I weigh myself every morning to make sure that I stay on track with my weight loss and that I don’t let myself gain. I have found that by doing this I learn what different exercises and foods do to my body. When I am not eating a lot of green vegetables I notice that the weight doesn’t come off as consistently when I do. It is just a reassurance for me that hopefully one day I will not need so constantly.



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