The Plateau

The dreaded plateau, I hit it for a while causing me to hiatus for a while because I became so stuck on losing those pounds. Today I hit a pretty big milestone; I am down a total of 80 pounds and I feel fantastic. I was really struggling for a while trying to cut down on everything to get back into gear. It was not working, but then I just continued my usual exercise and started to add more foods that I was restricting from myself but in small portions and my body reacted in a weird way. I started to pick up the pace of my weight loss again. I am not really sure why it was happening but I drank a little beer I ate some snack food and some of my mom’s homemade meals and my body was accepting it all.I almost wonder if it boosted my metabolism and the way that my muscles burned calories.


I am coming towards the final stretch now and I feel better than I have ever felt. I feel more fearless, confident, and at peace with my life than I have ever felt before. My weight is close to matching what my license says and that was me lying about it by 15-20 lbs my junior year of high school. If I have any advice for someone who is hitting the plateau it would be to not give up and try new things or a different approach. Don’t be afraid to mess around with your diet and see if something better works for you. I am ready to hit this challenge out of the park.capture


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