The Holidays (My Celebratory Break)

My last post was in the end of November and I had made it through Thanksgiving. Between then and Christmas I managed to drop another 5lbs reaching a total of 90 lbs lost. 90 lbs down is a good place to be at the one year mark and for that I gave myself a break from mid December to January 15th, then it is back to the grind. I had all of the holiday treats and New Years fun that I wanted but I have set new goals for myself. My goal for this year is to drop another 40 lbs or so. I am thinking that will put me in a size 4/6 which is what I really would love to be. This year is really a new year and a new me.


The other half of my resolution this year is to have more fun. When I was overweight I would distance myself from participating in group activities that involved being in public and meeting new people. I never really noticed it at the time or realized why but I think a major part of it was fear of public ridicule of my size. I never really acknowledged that it was a thing that actually happened, but as I went back and thought of times where people said comments or rude things it was more than I expected. I never thought I let these things get to me but I was protecting myself by distancing without even realizing it. So this year I will do more, see more, and meet more people so that I can allow myself to have more fun. Come Monday morning the 15th my celebratory party is over. It is back to the gym back and back to stricter eating, bring on #Hardbody2017